Mechanical Engineering

The department was established in 1993 to cater to the needs of humanity, striving to make life easier, faster and efficient with the improvement and proper utilization of machinery. This is the fastest-growing branch ever, with multi-dimensional utilization of the technology in other fields of engineering.

The faculty members take a keen interest in improving the students' soft skills by regularly arranging personality Development programmes and co-curricular activities. These activities enable them to have the edge over others in this competitive job market, where career opportunities continue to expand in the field of mechanical engineering. The diploma in mechanical engineering caters for the skills required for industrial needs and opens windows to the plethora of opportunities for students.


Training programmes and workshops are arranged in emerging fields like CAD/CAM/CAE and Advanced Materials. The department also undertakes Consultancy and Product Development projects for industries.

The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty and technically competent supporting staff on its rolls.

Students get exposure to industries through periodic industrial visits. Also, ample opportunities are provided to the students to take up industrial attachment or apprenticeship.

Regular academic-related activities like technical talk/Workshops etc. are conducted involving experts.