Computer Science Engineering

Career opportunities in computer science are at their zenith in recent years. However, the rapid pace of development in this field makes today's innovations lose their aura of technological sublimity tomorrow. Thus our CSE Department provides long-lasting underpinnings that enable students to think logically and adapt in the face of the emerging challenges of the IT sector.

The department, which started in 1993, offers high-quality academic programs consistent with the latest trends in the IT sector. The teaching faculty is well-qualified with a blend of young and experienced teachers, who provide a functional interface to the theory. Students are encouraged to develop skills in problem-solving, independent study, and critical thinking while adapting knowledge to new situations and applying it for society's benefit.


The department conducts a faculty development program to enhance and update subject knowledge in the relevant areas twice a year. Seminars, workshops and guest lectures are also routinely organized for the benefit of staff and students. Personality development and aptitude training programs are organized from the 3rd semester onwards to prepare the students for campus placement interviews. Annual industrial visits are arranged for the students to imbibe practical knowledge on the subject. In the recent past, the CSE students have visited various companies.


Five lines of 2 Mbps broadband internet connectivity.

Silicon Graphics Work Station.

Latest Software, Compilers, Operating Systems, Packages for academic & administrative purposes.

Windows NT Servers & Linux Servers.

PC Hardware & Network Lab.

Internet, GUI & Web Design.