Becoming a leading institution for Mechanical Engineering education in Karnataka State, our goal is to shape students into ethical professionals who can effectively represent the interests of stakeholders.


The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Program is to benefit society at large by

To provide teaching/learning facilities in Mechanical Engineering for easy adaptation to industry and higher learning

Provide a platform for self-learning to meet the challenges of changing technology and Inculcate ethical values, team spirit and leadership qualities to succeed in a professional career.

Comprehend the societal needs and environmental concerns in the field of Mechanical engineering

Programme Educational Objectives

Analyze, design and solve problems related to Mechanical Engineering and adapt to changes in technology by self-learning.

Work effectively as individuals and in a team, exhibiting leadership qualities to meet the goals of a project or the organization.

Work with professionalism and concern for environment to meet the societal needs.

Engage in higher learning leading to degrees or certifications.

About Department

The department was established in 1993 to cater to the needs of humanity, striving to make life easier, faster and efficient with the improvement and proper utilization of machinery. This is the fastest-growing branch ever, with multi-dimensional utilization of the technology in other fields of engineering.

The faculty members take a keen interest in improving the students' soft skills by regularly arranging personality Development programmes and co-curricular activities. These activities enable them to have the edge over others in this competitive job market, where career opportunities continue to expand in the field of mechanical engineering. The diploma in mechanical engineering caters for the skills required for industrial needs and opens windows to the plethora of opportunities for students.

Full Name Initial Name Department Name Designation Qualification with Specialization Years of Experience Mobile Number e-mail Id
Bharat Nikkam B S Nikkam Mechanical Engineering Lecturer BE (Mechanical) 9 9164857489
Sudhanvakumar V Kulkarni S.V.Kulkarni Mechanical Engineering Lecturer BE (Mechanical) 12 9449246255
Subhasgoud Patil S D Patil Mechanical Engineering Lecturer BE (Mechanical), M.Tech (Production Technology) 13 9916334359 /
Gururaj yadavannavar Gururaj yadavannavar Mechanical engineering Lecturer BE(Mechanical) 20 9964915537 to
Pandurang V Asalankar P V Asalankar Mechanical Engineering Lecturer Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 11 9741603093
Shreedhar S Mamadapur S.S.Mamadapur Mechanical Engineering Lecturer Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 8 9742370826
M.S Lingadalli Mechanical Engineering Helper 7259283755
B.A Ghogre Mechanical Engineering Helper 7259870534
S.M Bonur Mechanical Engineering Attender 9880158199